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What do you get if you crossbreed air hockey, shuttleboard, curling, pool, sumo wrestling... and even checkers? That's right: Battle of the Pucks!

An exciting little game with a very simple goal: propel your pucks so they ram your opponent's pucks out of the field! And whenever you score (drive off their puck(s) but don't lose any of your own), you get to push again! GO GO GO!

(Why checkers, you might ask? Because there exists a version of this game where you don't move from field to field but finger-flick your pieces across the board to knock off enemy's army.)

Levels of the game will vary by the initial position of game pieces. The further you go, the more difficult would be to knock off your opponent's pucks without losing your own pieces.

Despite the game's simplicity—and addictiveness!—it takes time to master the skill of propelling your pucks with the exact required force and direction. More than that, it takes strategy and foresight to not only score but create positions that are of maximum difficulty for your opponent. In the Battle of the Pucks, you can play against a human or a computer—and the computer's level of skill ranges from comically hapless to deviously agile!

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